Thursday, May 8, 2008

Up Up and Away.....

I have figured out a way to get to my PaPa & NaNa's House.. I figured if I got my mommy to get me the biggest ballon at the HEB the ones that hold air for days. I could tie it to the little ones and place them one below the other... I worked on it for awhile and got it all figured out and then got my daddy to give me a lift off. As little as I am it will lift me thru the air and straight to my NaNa & PaPa's house. Heck, I should be there in no time.. got to be easier than flying in one of those big airplanes. I may not even need a diaper change.

See you guys in a little for the little guy in the blue pants!

P.S. get the Graham crakers ready ~


Anonymous said...

Up up and away little boy. We will send the TN geese to show you the way. See you real soon.
Love Nana

Lauren150772 said...

This is the coolest photo! The colors are awesome and Coop looks so happy! I know he will be excited to see his grandparents in Tennessee!